What's Your GenreWhen it comes to writing fiction, there are lots of different genres to choose from and each genre comes with its own style and characteristics that makes it instantly recognizable to the readers. Most readers have one main genre that they prefer above all others and will tend to seek out books in that specific genre first. When writing a novel, it is important for writers to identify the genre or genres that it will fall into to guide them on which style to choose. Here is an overview of the main genres in fiction.

  • Action/Adventure – novels in this genre are usually fast paced and often focus around a particular goal or quest that the main characters go on to reach their objective.
  • Fantasy – this genre usually takes place in a fictional world or land that is created by the writer. Fantasy writing tends to involve an element of magic as well as a very colorful cast of characters with exotic names.
  • Science Fiction – this genre often takes place in Outer Space or in the future, although they are not strict requirements. The main requirement is that a strong element of science is introduced in the form of some type of technology, and the writer needs to have a good knowledge of science to convincingly carry out their adventures and continue with the storyline.
  • Romance – the classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl and then ultimately gets her back in the end can be given a large number of different twists to make it feel original to people who have a love for this genre.
  • Horror – this genre features plenty of blood and gore and often monsters of some form.
  • Crime – solving a classic murder mystery can be a lot of fun for readers, especially if the detective and suspects have been well developed and there is plenty of suspense.