WritingOne of the great things about taking a writing course is that it introduces students to different types and styles of writing. Each type of writing generally uses a set style and it is important to identify the style that should be used, and how to go about creating work that is specifically created for this style. Here is an outline of some of the main types of writing that may be covered in a writing course.

  • Media writing – this mainly covers writing for newspapers. The style that is required for media writing will vary depending on the style of the newspaper but generally speaking, it is punchy, concise and to the put.
  • Novels – crafting a novel takes a lot of time and patience as a good novel can often take many months or even years to complete. In addition to creating a strong plot, students will also need to learn how to create characters, themes, plot twists and other different but necessary elements.
  • Short stories – while these works of fiction are much shorter than novels, they can be just as complex. One of the main issues that writers of short stories face is trying to keep their story short while still complete with its plot, characters and themes into just a few pages.
  • Script writing – people who write for television, radio or the stage usually produce scripts rather than full novels. These scripts are pared down versions of novels that mainly contain the action, dialogue and stage directions.
  • Travel writing – good travel writing involves much more than simply visiting a destination and writing about the experience. A successful travel writer needs to learn how to make readers see the destination through their eyes, and capture the essence of the destination in just a few paragraphs in order to inspire readers to visit the destination themselves.