I am sure a lot of us can not think of anything better than spending the day reading a book and escaping from the real world for a few hours. There are so many amazing authors out there today, that it may seem overwhelming to figure out what to read next. Goodreads and Amazon give us ideas of what we may like, based on books we have already read. But what if you want to try and read something completely different? The Bestseller List is always a good way to find something new and exciting to read.

shutterstock_249204604What books are on the bestseller list?

According to Amazon’s Bestseller List, which is updated every hour, the most popular book right now is The Midnight Gang, by David Walliams. The book is a funny story about five kids on a hospital ward and the adventures they get up to. The Guinness Book of Records of 2017 is also very high on their list and provides interesting facts about all the World Records. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, is also a highly recommended read. If you love reading and writing then why not consider studying for a Bachelor in Journalism? Who knows, your name might be on that list one day too!

More favourite books to choose from.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by J.K Rowling, has to be on your reading list too, of course. If you are stuck for recipe ideas, then Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook may be able to help out. Whatever you enjoy reading, the Bestselling book lists are a great way to keep up to date. They are perfect for finding the very latest issues and popular older books that we would love to read again. They provide inspiration on new subjects and ideas on what to give as a gift for a book lover. Reading has so many benefits, so why not choose a new book today?