When practicing creative writing, forget the somewhat illusionary idea, that writing or other creative expressions consist of waiting for a divine inspiration. Instead, you will need to find a way to balance creativity and discipline, two different polarities within yourself. It is easy to romanticize the more creative flow of inspiration during those late hours, where only you and the moonlight are present. The fact is, you will need discipline and you will need to reframe your relationship with it. You probably hate being disciplined, because you associate it with the more boring aspects of life, but it is a writer’s best friend.

shutterstock_220261183Do it every day

The key is to write everyday. Dedicate a predetermined time frame to your writing project. You could spend the first hour of every day writing, you could write before you go to bed or any other option, which works best for you. Most importantly, make sure to write. Every day. You will soon start noticing, that your inner writer in reality works full time, with creative ideas hitting you when you least expect. This happens, because you are consistently focusing on your writing. If you like writing on a daily basis, you might consider a bachelor in journalism, which you turn into a career.

Don’t write and edit at the same time

Your inner editor and your inner writer are two separate beings, which shouldn´t be in the same room, at the same time. Never edit your texts while writing. Do the editing on a different occasion, to make sure you don’t stop the flow of creativity. This is a key to creativity and a way to bypass your inner critic. You don’t need to go full chaotic free flow with it, but make sure your inner editor stays out of the conversation. There is a time for everything. Your left brain can join in later. Find a workflow, that involves these two characters in a harmonious way.