1. Secure job market

Compared to alternatives, like screenwriter, poet or novelist, a journalism degree actually comes with a pretty secured job market. Many great writers are or were journalists. This is an education and a craft, that provides you with a broad understanding of the written word. There are many styles of writing, from academical to more creative and journalism touches most of them, in one way or another, giving you a great writing platform for the future. It will give you the secure platform you need, if you decide to make writing your career path.

 shutterstock_4651243642. Important function in society

Journalists have always had an important part in society, being the storytellers who describe important events and concepts for the public. This is why, non-democratic countries try to control the press and media. Since the invention of the written word, journalists have had a substantial function in society, a fact which is not likely to change in the future. A bachelor in journalism provides you with an educational foundation, whatever happens in the future. While the paper version of the newspaper is more or less dying, the written word is more important than ever in a World flooded with information.

A broad field

As a journalist, you can focus on very different areas, both in terms of what subjects you are covering and also in terms of what media you are working with. You can work at a newspaper, a radio station, with television, or with some of the other media platforms that are rising in the new era. If you are into sports, you can pursue a career as a sports writer. If you are into arts and music, you might end up covering events in that field. It is hard to find any other education with such a broad implementation.