Creating Colorful CharactersOne of the main secret to successful fiction writing is creating a cast of characters that seems to leap off the pages of the book and engage readers. If the characters are created successfully, they will help in driving the story and make readers curious to know what they will do next and what will happen to them. Here are some tips on creating colorful characters that readers connect with and really care about.

Choose your characters carefully

It is important to pay attention when creating characters that are distinctly different from each other so that the reader can understand them. Giving characters larger than life personality is a good way to do this, but if each character is over the top, the story can soon feel fake and unnecessarily dramatic. It is also important not to have too many main characters for readers to keep track of and six is usually the maximum that is recommended.

Creating character traits

Character traits helps in giving characters extra personality and let the readers know a little bit more about them thus building interest. These traits can be things like phrases, mannerisms and habits that make the characters come to life and feel like real people rather than simple creations.

Character development

People naturally change as a result of different events and this is also true of characters. Weak people can become stronger and vice versa as a result of things that happen to them in life. The trick is setting the pace right so that the character development feels natural and not forced.

What does your characters want

This is an important question that every writer should ask himself as it will help him to drive the story in a particular direction. Each character should have something that they are trying to achieve in some way, and the way that they go about getting it can help to shape the story.