How to practice creative writing

When practicing creative writing, forget the somewhat illusionary idea, that writing or other creative expressions consist of waiting for a divine inspiration. Instead, you will need to find a way to balance creativity and discipline, two different polarities within yourself. It is easy to romanticize the more creative flow of inspiration during those late hours, […]

What does creative writing mean?

Creative writing is best defined as the art of making things up. This differs from Academic writing or technical writing, where the objective is to describe something that exists. A pretty loose definition indeed, and is most often used to describe writing that is original and self-expressive. A news article would be a good example […]

The Most Popular Books in 2016

I am sure a lot of us can not think of anything better than spending the day reading a book and escaping from the real world for a few hours. There are so many amazing authors out there today, that it may seem overwhelming to figure out what to read next. Goodreads and Amazon give […]

What’s Your Genre?

When it comes to writing fiction, there are lots of different genres to choose from and each genre comes with its own style and characteristics that makes it instantly recognizable to the readers. Most readers have one main genre that they prefer above all others and will tend to seek out books in that specific […]

Editing is Essential

Most writers simply want to get caught up in the art of perfectly expressing themselves on paper and crafting their words to form long lasting images in the minds of their readers. However, this is only part of the task of good writing and another important element is editing. There are lots of different editing […]

Advanced English Writing

Persuasive writing One of the main problems that are encountered when writing a text meant for a certain type of audience is, more often than not, finding the right pace. This particular post will make an attempt at enumerating, describing and summarizing the main differences in most typical styles of writing. Another fundamental objective of […]

Types of Writing

One of the great things about taking a writing course is that it introduces students to different types and styles of writing. Each type of writing generally uses a set style and it is important to identify the style that should be used, and how to go about creating work that is specifically created for […]