Persuasive writing

Advanced English WritingOne of the main problems that are encountered when writing a text meant for a certain type of audience is, more often than not, finding the right pace. This particular post will make an attempt at enumerating, describing and summarizing the main differences in most typical styles of writing.

Another fundamental objective of this post will be to help the reader and eventually the writer to avoid all the obstacles they may come across when producing written material as far as register, pace and style are concerned. For this task, a very clear example of journalism text published by Odyssey Language will be discussed. It can easily be found in a library, on the internet, or through this very web site.

This text is a clear example of public critical writing and raises valid questions revolving around the subject of “homelessness” by pleading for social awareness. What can be rightly said about this written text is that its main objective is, by far, to persuade the readers to take a stance and, as individuals who are a part of a society, address the main issues to which poverty and homelessness can be attributed. The interesting thing about the style in which this article was written is the way in which it seeks to stir feelings and appeal to personal emotions.

This way, the writer, in a rather dramatic way and by means of persuasion and metaphorical writing (let us here adopt a rather touching tone merely as a means of exemplification, worthy of the style that reigns in the article) intends to “recruit more people to enlist in the troops that will carry the leading torch in the fight against homelessness”. To better precisely narrow down the features that characterize this article, one could assert that the author makes use of a literary language (typically used in literature or fiction). This allows the writer to freely utilize language resources in a more creative way, unbound from the conventional, strict rules that characterize the academic writing.