If you’re studying journalism, you’ll want to know how to write superbly to enhance your career. A writers course, which will be tutored by professional writer’s, will help you write and get your work published. Today you can search many universities for writing courses, and nearly all of them offer free online courses, although you need to beware because not all of them award college credit. Boston’s Emerson College will teach you the genres of creative writing, how to write in different professional forms and write pieces appropriate to the media you are studying. Other excellent universities for writing are Boston University, University of California and University of Notre Dame.

shutterstock_291663701A New Hobby or New Career

If you want to find the best universities to study writing, swanwickwritersschool.co.uk helps writers looking to find excellent writing courses because it provides information on what these classes contain. You can search 1000’s of universities by category, so anyone can find exactly what they want. You’ll learn different types of writing you can specialise in and how a writing course can be so beneficial as to make your readers mesmerised by your written word. Taking a writing class at the Birbeck, University of London and Aberystwyth University might well be the start of a new hobby for you or even a new career.

Stimulating Short Courses

The beauty of finding a good university for writing is that they permit people regardless of the stage of life they are in to learn how to write. This means that you don’t have to be a young student to take this course – it is for older people too. The University of Amsterdam offers lots of short courses in academic writing, and you might want to consider a part-time master’s degree course at Oxford University where you can develop your skills in the craft of writing, and at the same time build a portfolio of work.