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  • 7 universities worth considering for their writing courses

    7 universities worth considering for their writing courses

    If you’re studying journalism, you’ll want to know how to write superbly to enhance your career. A writers course, which will be tutored by professional writer’s, will help you write and get your work published. Today you can search many universities for writing courses, and nearly all of them offer free online courses, although you need to beware because not […]

  • How to Develop your Writing Skills and Technique

    How to Develop your Writing Skills and Technique

    Whether you are writing an essay, thesis or paper, there will come a time when you realize the importance of its quality and start thinking about ways you can improve it. Here are some ways you can develop your writing skills and technique: Understand your Readers and their Needs No matter what subject you are covering, it is imperative that […]

  • What’s Your Genre?

    What’s Your Genre?

    When it comes to writing fiction, there are lots of different genres to choose from and each genre comes with its own style and characteristics that makes it instantly recognizable to the readers. Most readers have one main genre that they prefer above all others and will tend to seek out books in that specific genre first. When writing a […]

  • Editing is Essential

    Editing is Essential

    Most writers simply want to get caught up in the art of perfectly expressing themselves on paper and crafting their words to form long lasting images in the minds of their readers. However, this is only part of the task of good writing and another important element is editing. There are lots of different editing processes that need to be […]

  • Advanced English Writing

    Advanced English Writing

    Persuasive writing One of the main problems that are encountered when writing a text meant for a certain type of audience is, more often than not, finding the right pace. This particular post will make an attempt at enumerating, describing and summarizing the main differences in most typical styles of writing. Another fundamental objective of this post will be to […]

  • Types of Writing

    Types of Writing

    One of the great things about taking a writing course is that it introduces students to different types and styles of writing. Each type of writing generally uses a set style and it is important to identify the style that should be used, and how to go about creating work that is specifically created for this style. Here is an […]

  • Creating Colorful Characters

    Creating Colorful Characters

    One of the main secret to successful fiction writing is creating a cast of characters that seems to leap off the pages of the book and engage readers. If the characters are created successfully, they will help in driving the story and make readers curious to know what they will do next and what will happen to them. Here are […]

  • Writing with Passion

    Writing with Passion

    One thing that all successful writers have in common is that they choose subjects that they are knowledgeable and passionate about. This allows fiction writers to create stories that seem to fly right off the pages of books and draw readers in. Non-fiction writers who choose to write about subjects that they are knowledgeable about will also benefit from their […]

  • The Benefits of Taking a Writing Course

    The Benefits of Taking a Writing Course

    Writing courses are ideal for people who are new to writing and want to make a name for them as they will also have the opportunity to pick up new skills and tips. However, even experienced writers can gain a lot from taking writing courses. Here are some of the main benefits of taking a writing test: Opportunity to learn […]